• The Sovereign Hand by Paul Gilbert
The difference between hope and despair turns on the tiniest thing.
Thorn, the gilded capital: bedecked in steam and the dust of convoys bearing riches from all across the earth. From here, wise and ruling hands have ensnared all Aurawn in a great story, a Primacy of Peace. A land where every person - human, gobelin, or drake - can dream, toil hard and succeed. Of course, not everyone sees things that way.
But when Alexa Temperen stands above Crucible Square and denounces the First and all his government for their injustices, the last thing she imagines is that she'€™ll soon be working for them, as a champion: one of the Sovereign Hand. Because prophecy has spoken.Evil is stirring, and Alexa is just one of five unlikely heroes chosen to face it. They each have their doubts, and in her darkest moment Alexa still must decide: put pride aside and fight for a government she despises, or turn her back on her calling, leaving millions at the mercy of an unimaginable terror ...

"A grand and highly original work of fantasy ... Quite possibly one of the best works of fantasy ever published in New Zealand" - SFFANZ Reviews

Shortlisted for the 2015 Sir Julius Vogel Award for best novel 

The Sovereign Hand by Paul Gilbert

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